Mega Fortune DreamsAfter Night fallMamma Mia

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune & Mega Fortune Dreams give you the chance to win the worlds biggest online jackpot.

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After Night fall

After night fall is a popular slot in French Casinos. It offers lot of cutscenes and fun gameplay.

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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is a fun slot that let you follow the life in an Italian resturant.

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Mythic Maiden

Mythic Maiden is a slot from NetEntertainment (NetEnt). Playing this slot is like exploring the attic of a 19th century explorer. Get ready for strange books, gorilla craniums, enormous spiders, shrunken heads, and mysterious chests.

Mythic Maiden

Mythic Maiden is a pretty old slot machine without modern features such as interactive bonus games or 3D animations. Despite, or because of, this the Mythic Maiden remains a very popular NetEnt slot. During Halloween, a lot of online casinos includes the Mythic Maiden in their Halloween campaigns since it has such a spooky feel to it.

The largest individual prize on Mythic Maiden is 2,000 coins. It is possible to win much more than 2,000 coins during a round of Mythic Maiden, since you can win on more than one payline and trigger free spins mode.

Short info

Game developer

NetEntertainment (NetEnt)


The attic of an old-fashioned explorer


Mythic Maiden is a 5 reel slot.


There are 30 paylines.


Mythic Maiden 2You can adjust the coin value, from €0.01 to €0.50.

You decide how many paylines to activate (= bet on), from 1 to 30.

You decide how many coins to bet per activated payline, from 1 coin to 10 coins.

The smallest possible bet on Mythic Maiden is €0.01 x 1 payline x 1 coin = €0.01 per round.

The largest possible bet on Mythic Maiden is €0.50 x 30 paylines x 10 coins = €150 per round.

Special stuff

Mythic Maiden has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins mode and multipliers.

There is no bonus game.

There are no interactive elements.

There is no progressive jackpot.


The RTP is 96.6 percent.

The moon is wild

The moon is a wild symbol in Mythic Maiden. It can substitute for any symbol, except for the scatter symbol.

When the wild symbol is included in a winning combination, the win is multiplied by 3.

The sprite is a scatter

The sprite is a scatter symbol in Mythic Maiden. If you get at least three scatter symbols, you trigger free spins mode.

3 scatters give you 10 free spins

4 scatters give you 15 free spins

5 scatters give you 30 free spins

In free spins mode, the legendary Iron Maiden torture device will open, but not to torture you. Quite the opposite actually, since the Iron Maiden can give you extra free spins and/or a multiplier of up to x10.

It is possible to trigger free spins mode in free spins mode.

What is a sprite?

A sprite is a rare weather phenomenon. It looks like reddish-orange flashes and is caused by large-scale electrical discharges taking place above a thunderstorm cloud. Sprites will typically occur 50 km – 90 km above Earth’s surface. The flashes can be perceived as having a wide range of different visual shapes. Unlike hot tropospheric lightning, the sprite is a cold plasma phenomenon.

Sprites are sometimes preceded (by about 1 millisecond) by a sprite halo. The sprite halo is a pancake-shaped region of weak, transient optical emissions. A typical sprite halo is approximately 50 kilometers in diameter.

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